We offer you to become GDPR compliant in a way that will make a business sense for your company and bring you closer to success

GDPR Annual Program Support

Although the implementation of an initial GDPR compliance program covers all the necessary operations in order to meet strict criteria of the new GDPR, it requires constant updating and needs to harmonize with future changes to the provisions of the GDPR. Moreover, it should be constantly adjusted and updated on any changes of the processing that the Organization is performing.

As such, DataKnights offers an annual management consulting service that will cater for all the above and will in essence update the Compliance Program according to the Regulation or business environment changes:

• Annual Review of the Compliance Program Including the Review of the Data Privacy Policy, the Data Privacy Impact Assessment and the Data Flow Mapping
• Support to the DPO for the Management of the Data Leakage Notification Process
• Consulting Services and Support the Assigned DPO for Any Matters That May Arise in Regards to Data Privacy


Data Protection Officer

One of the major challenges of the new GDPR is the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to monitor, execute and report data processing in accordance to the legislation. The DPO will be responsible for both your organization’s GDPR compliance as well as liaise with the relative authorities.

Our firm offers to undertake the role of a DPO on behalf of your organization. The assigned DPO will:

• Be the Only Contact Point with the National Data Protection Authorities
• Review and Supervise the Compliance with the Regulation and the Adherence to the Defined Policies and Procedures
• Deliver Additional Hands-on Support for Employees Where and When Needed
• Maintain and Update the Data Flow Mapping Records
• Maintain and Update the Data Privacy Impact Analysis (DPIA)
• Manage the Data Leakage Notification Process

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